About Durbanville Community Church

We believe that ministry is about people. We enjoy meeting together to study God’s word, to serve, to eat, to encourage, to have fun, to walk together in the good and bad times, constantly reminding one another about the truth.

DCC emphasizes 3 important relationships that every member should pursue:

1. Our connection to Jesus.

Jesus is the source of our life. When we are walking with him, his character is seen in our daily living. We are saved to follow him, not a set of principles. Our love for him is seen by our willingness to obey him.

2. Our connection to each other.

We thank God that he adopted us into a family. We mature spiritually as we function together. There is no place for lone-ranger Christians. We enjoy the encouragement from one another because we are living in a spiritual battle and it’s good to have some support.

3. Our connection to the world.

Jesus has commanded us to make disciples. Each one of us has a responsibility to maximize our influence with friends, neighbours, co-workers, family members, etc, announcing the good news that God is willing to forgive, reconcile, and restore them through life in Jesus Christ.

He has called us to proclaim this message to the world. So we are active in Durbanville, in nearby townships, and in far away places where people still need to hear this message of hope.

What we believe

We believe that God revealed himself to mankind in his son Jesus Christ and through the prophets and apostles who pointed to Jesus in their teachings and writings.

We believe in the inspiration and final authority of Scripture, the fallenness and helplessness of sinful man, the sufficiency of the finished work of the God-Man, Jesus Christ our Lord, the necessity for new birth through the power of the Holy Spirit, justification by the imputed righteousness of Christ received by faith alone, and the necessity for holiness as the only adequate evidence of the new life.

We believe that God saves us to be holy and transforms us through his spirit working in our hearts. He will continue to shape us so that we look more like his son.

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